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Welcome to the Facedoodled Shop!

Here at the Facedoodled Shop you can find our most popular styles of portrait and caricature. With these options, you can successfully help us to create a gift for virtually any occasion. We aim for all our drawings to be the most memorable and special gifts a person has ever received. To do this, the gift needs to be truly personalized, and we’ve got that covered – with a little help from you!

You’ll be prompted to select or complete the appropriate boxes so we have all the information we need to create your drawing. This information includes any instructions for the positioning of the people in your drawing, such as:

Draw the man and woman with their arms around each other


Draw the parents in the middle, toward the back. And draw the children in the front.


In the instruction box, it’s also useful if you can provide eye colour details, these are often difficult to see on our customer’s photos. Also, we can only draw what we see or what can be communicated in words, so please ensure the uploaded photos look like the person actually looks! Ever seen a photo of yourself and thought, “that doesn’t look like me!”… those photos of yourself or another person wont work! When you don’t know the person you’re drawing in real life, there is no way to know if what you’re seeing in the photo is how they really look.

You’ll also be able to upload the photos we need to draw from. If you have any trouble uploading the photos, or if you have more photos than the maximum, then please send us a message on Facebook and we can add the photos to your order!

Even though the options below in the Facedoodled Shop can be used for any occasion or purpose, sometimes a customer has an idea that doesn’t quite fit into any of the below categories. If this is you, then just send us a message to discuss! We love hearing new ideas and to get our creative juices flowing by trying something new., Facedoodled, Drawings from your photos. Caricatures from your photos.



Hand Drawn Caricatures

Pencil Black & White Portraits

£17.00 £15.00

Hand Drawn Caricatures

Colour Pencil Portrait


Hand Drawn Caricatures

Watercolour Drawing


Hand Drawn Caricatures

Head & Shoulders in Black & White


Hand Drawn Caricatures

Vibrant Watercolour Painting


Hand Drawn Caricatures

Themed Caricature

£20.00 £15.00